Friday, July 6, 2007


So I am perusing the online papers and checking things out from my former place of residence when I come across this story from the Minneapolis Star-Trib. Pretty outrageous but then you get to the last line.

"Duck declined to release the girl's blood alcohol level but said a blood test at the hospital showed it was higher than .02, the legal limit for minors."

There is a LEGAL BAC for minors??!!?? And is anyone surprised this story comes out of 'Bama?

Other news stories, the Chinese would like unite the potty people of the world (or at least the ones in Beijing) in their own "country). One official is quoted as saying this is for "spreading toilet culture." I hope that was a deliberate pun 'cause it seems to me that there is plenty 'o toilet culture to be found. Do we really want them to congregate? And in the spirit of bad taste, would a man really want to use a urinal that gives the impression of relieving one's self into the open jaws of a crocodile? And what is with "several topped by the bust of a woman resembling the Virgin Mary"? Clearly designed by a man. 'Nuf said.

Back on the home front, H has tummy trouble and was up most of the night. I suspect the cantalope. I think I should contact the grocery store because is has made us sick and another family. Seems we can't trust the food we eat.

Knitting is coming along nicely. I must post pics soon, I know. I am stalled on the shawl but considering I have two and half weeks to finish, I better get my rear in gear. I started a circular shrug/vest for the fab dress I got from Target because I needed a little cover-up for the office. It is black so it should help tone down the dress. I plan on knitting up a flower pin with the remnants of my Handmaiden cashmere.