Friday, October 12, 2007

Long time, no story

School is in full gear. S is doing OK, I guess. Conferences are next week so I may regret those words. D is SO the toddler. No naps, bossy, pushy. But sooooo cute. H and I seem to be on the mend. We've been irritating each other quite a bit lately.

Knitting has taken over, not that I have a whole lot to show for it. WIPS are killing me. Socks for MIL, BIL, and H. Holiday outfit for D. Shawl for sister 1 and mittens for mom. Sister 2 hasn't decided. Hat for brother. Oh, a just a few things for me. I got my copy of Norsk Strikkedesign (Thanks, Deb at Nordic Fiber Arts) and my kit for Autumn Rose (Thanks, Karen at Two Swans). I know there have been some critical reviews of Norsk and while some issues are valid (charts are way too teeny) I found at least 6 things I would knit and 3 of them I wouldn't modify at all. The Aran sweater, the embroidered jacket and of course, the cover pattern, a Season of Darkness and Winter Light, are PERFECT. A few I would change. The Virgin vest, I would change out the bird motif and just have an allover pattern. The garter stitch jacket I would do in just two colors. The Carpathian Rose jacket I would do by either eliminating the motif pattern or the lice pattern. It has too much stuff going on for my liking but I wouldn't change the shaping a bit. All personal knitting is on hold until I get my holiday knitting in full gear.